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I am an intuitive tarot reader based in coastal Lancashire. I can read for you wherever you are by email, telephone or Skype, while face to face readings are available if you are local.

I have been reading professionally since 2006. I handle all kinds of personal and business questions, working as a psychic advisor rather than as a fortune teller, using my knowledge of the Tarot in accessing insights and forecasts about your past and current situation, while exploring future options and possibilities. 

How does it work?

Tarot is a system of divination, meditation and prediction using cards. The images on the cards tap into deep- rooted cultural archetypes. With long study and practice this symbolic language becomes encoded into the reader’s mind, where by the power of associative thinking, it triggers intuitive insights and  forecasts (qualified predictions) No reader is infallible. Experience and feedback tell me that in respect of predicting future outcomes, I am 90-95 % accurate.

I handle personal questions, professional and business questions. Much of my work is with independent business owners and creative professionals. Business readings with me are supported by 
post-graduate qualifications and experience in Marketing, Publicity, Recruitment, Teaching and Museums.

Why ‘Tactical Tarot?’

What might be your best tactic faced with a challenging situation? I use Tarot to help identify that. Sometimes we need to make a decision in an information vacuum, but how do you decide when you don’t have all the facts, or your head doesn’t agree with your heart, or your gut instinct?  Tarot offers a unique perspective that can help cut through confusion, evaluating your options, and giving you the odds on the likely outcome, but I share qualified forecasts rather than cast iron predictions. Should you not like my forecast, change your direction, and you may be able to change the foreseen outcome.

A reading with me takes nothing away from free will. You remain in charge throughout our interactive reading. The Tarot will tell you what it senses, and you may or may not like it, but my aim is always and only to support you in moving ahead with greater clarity and confidence, saving you invaluable time, energy, stress, heartache, or even money.

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Want a Reading?

To enquire without obligation, or to book a Tarot reading with me, please get in touch by telephone, email or send a message via my 'Contact' page.

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